About SquishpenPen Productions


A Passion Production of Vikki J. Carter

SquishPen and the creations under SquishPen Publications are dedicated works of passion by Vikki J. Carter.


FAQ about SquishPen Publicaitons:

Where did the name SquishPen come from:

The name Squishpen was developed by Vikki J. Carter over two decades ago when she was staring her writing career. At that time, her husband was traveling the globe with his music career, and she produced a newsletter for fans (by emails) that was under the Squishpen name.

What is produced by Squishpen Productions?

Vikki produces podcasts, online courses, & author services under the SquishPen Productions brand.

Vikki will release her historical fiction work under the pen name of Victoria Jay.

Why does Vikki J. Carter have a brand?

The world of publication is competitive. Vikki recognizes that she needed to have more than just writing novels to keep her relevant in the market. To keep all her creative works under one, neat & organized umbrella, Vikki decided to publish under the revived SquishPen brand she created over twenty-years ago.

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