What Matters: The Long Artist Journey

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Today I had a joyful reminder of what matters to me with my journey of authoring and podcasting.  It has been eighteen months since I started the podcast and authoring journey in public. 

I have interviewed over seventy talented authors around our beautiful region, with more scheduled to interview. It has been a rewarding and exhausting adventure.

I often get comments on my website, on social media, or in public that encourage me to keep going. Today, I had one on YouTube. I rejoiced that on a media channel I rarely think about may have at least one follower. 

Just one person, one comment, one encouragement, helped to revive my hope that struggles against the long lonely days of creating.

The reminder for me after reading the kind words was that what I do matters. I do not have to appeal to the masses. I have to matter to me. 

The artist life is universally challenging, understandably lonely, and often riddled with self-doubt. But if it matters to you, then it is a worthy journey indeed.

Do kind words of encouragement help, absolutely. Will I write hoping that I will gain acceptance? No, I will write and continue the journey of supporting other authors as best as I can because it is important. 

I love the comments I have received of praise, encouragement, and gratitude. For those of you who have said those words to me, you will never know how important they are along the journey. 

But I ask that you stretch your words to other artists. Let them know their work matters to you! 

  • If you read an amazing work - let the author know you enjoyed it. 

  • When you watch a beautifully engaging play - let the actors know they moved you. 

  • After you come across a piece of art that lifts your spirit - reach out to the artist. 

Your words can be the difference between that artist stopping or continuing along their journey to share themselves with a cold and harsh world.

The journey is long and lonely for the artist. Thank you for those who have made my journey kinder with your words! 

If you are struggling with finding meaning in your art, carry on. If it matters to you, then today it is worthy!

For me, I will live my words. Today, I will carry on, because writing my stories matters & the journey is worthy to travel indeed! 

Vikki Carter