Weeding out Distractions!


Weeding: Weeding is a chore that I dislike almost as much as pruning.  However, on a scale of dislike, weeding rates higher than pruning. I love the idea of pulling out weeds that will take over and try to starve my beloved, beautiful plants and vegetables. What I dislike about it is that to have a healthy productive garden, I must weed all the time. It’s never just a one season deal. I have to weed in every season. 

Thought I get a thrill out of getting rid of the weeds and the garden looks brilliant for a few weeks, those pesky weeds seem to pop up again, and I am back at it—hating the time it takes to weed. 

Where pruning we are leaving parts that are still valuable and can be healthy, weeding is another matter. In the journey of life I have discovered to survive & be healthy, I must weed often. 

I have had to weed deeply life's distractions, negative thoughts, negative people, and bad habits. Here is the challenging part, just when I think I completed with my life weeding regarding those pesky distractive details,  it never fails, another one will pop up, and I am back at it—hating the fact that I have to take the time to re-weed my life. There are no shortcuts. We either weed or not. 

And if you don’t continue the act of weeding out distractions & negativity from your life, you know what you will get…it’s an ugly, sad garden of life with no beauty. 


Tips this Week for Weeding out Distractions & Negativity!

1. Take a picture of yourself on your best days and on your worst days (not just good hair days…but when you feel your best. Those bad days when negativity & distractions got in your way of feeling your best!) Look at those pictures side-by-side and write what you see. How do your good days and bad day’s differ? How are they the same? Most importantly, what can you decipher the changes about those two pictures and those particular days? Write down what made the difference.

2. Write a short, three to five sentence mission statement for your next three to five years. What do you see yourself doing? Then mail it to yourself. Once you get it back, rewrite it to one sentence for the next week of living. (This week I will…..)

3. Write a list of distractions you can safely move from your life for a few weeks: TV, Social Media, the cookies you have hidden in the bedroom, the glass of wine you drink every night. Then remove one at a time, being ruthless!

Vikki Carter