Pruning for Healthiness!



Pruning: every gardener knows that they need to spend time pruning their plants. For me, pruning is not just a chore, I really dislike doing it. I love the wild, overgrown, big plants. I love when a garden is so established that one can almost hide behind the rich, life of overgrown trees and bushes. 

But, I also realize to have a healthy garden, I must prune. Pruning almost feels like destroying all the beauty I cherish. However, when we pruned this year,  I remember that we were leaving life; and that life will continue to flourish in the new season.

Pruning is different than weeding. With weeding, we completely remove the offensive weed before it diminishes the nutrition of the plants we wish to keep. With pruning, we cut back to encourage new healthy growth.

With me learning to bloom where I have been planned, I had to use the pruning metaphor in my life, more than once.

I have had to reevaluate my values and my vision for my life. I have had to prune back things that were out of balance or overgrown. I did not have to completely rip them out of my life,  I just had to cut them back to keep me healthy. There was much work in my life during the season of pruning to come to a place of contentment with my life. It is a needed process, and one I will have to repeat over, and over again.


Tips for this week to help you with the pruning season of your life:


1. Evaluate your list from last week; are there other areas of control you can still put into balance? 

2. Write down your answers to these questions and honestly review them with your trusted person:

    A.) Have you forgotten some of your values or morals for a healthy life? If so, what ones have you not been living?

    B.) What habits are most important to you, at this very time of your life?

    C.) How do you return to your values, morals, or habits that you have drifted from; or do you even need them at this present time?

Vikki Carter