Vikki's Student Passion

Vikki is pictured here with one of her students from WGU after graduation in 2016. This former student is now a full-time faculty member at his local community college.

 Comments from WGU students about Vikki's Mentoring Role:

I enjoy my weekly discussions with Vikki. She keeps me on track and motivated as well as providing valuable insight into my courses. 

Vikki goes out of her way to help remove obstacles and provides encouragement.

I struggled to find the motivation to complete my degree, given all the other priorities that comes along with family, and full time job. Vikki kept me moving forward and wouldn't let me give up. Perhaps the best thing she did in my situation, was listen.

Vikki Carter is awesome! I am glad she is my mentor!

It's always a pleasure to talking with Vikki. She has my best interest in mind all of the time and provides guidance & solid advise on how I should develop my strategy for success.

Vikki Carter is the best Student Mentor anyone could ever ask for. Her guidance proved priceless for my journey to my Bachelor's Degree. Being an adult learner is very intimidating and can prove very trying at times. Vikki's steady leadership, knowledge, and insight into post-secondary education was truly world class. I hope WGU realizes the value of effective Student Mentors and rewards them appropriately.

Vikki was instrumental in my success as my student mentor. When I found out I would have to check in with her regularly I didn't think there would be much value to it. I was wrong. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable about each class I would be taking and provided some key tips and input for each one, but it kept me on track those weeks I started to fall out of touch with the courses and program. I'm convinced without her I would not have completed as fast as I did, and question if I would have completed at all.

The last couple of terms were the most difficult for me. Most of the classes that interested me were already done, and I was running out of steam. Vikki, as my student mentor, was there to keep me going. Even though I was probably driving her crazy when I procrastinated my goals, she never expressed any frustration, she just keep encouraging me and helped me move forward. Thanks Vikki!

Vikki worked closely with me to enable me to graduate on my accelerated timeline. She was a great cheerleader and advisor, and had faith in my abilities even when I felt overwhelmed and crushed by time pressure. Vikki genuinely understood my timeline, gave me straightforward advice, trusted me to meet my own goals. She went above and beyond the call of duty to help me succeed, Her involvement made completing the WGU courses an enjoyable & fulfilling experience.




















Inspiring Students in Higher Education

Vikki's Higher Education Leadership Journey

Vikki is a first-generation college graduate from her immediate family which included her parents and five children. 

She started the journey as a non-traditional student with two small children to raise and a very active husband, who was a full-time touring musician. 

She put herself through school by working at the local community college and the local public library.  She finished her associate's degree, bachelors degree, and a masters degree within a short time frame of four years. 

During those first few years in higher education, Vikki was continually inspired by other students and Mentors who helped her to keep going on her journey of finishing her education while attending and eventually working at Lower Columbia College.

Vikki moved from her role at Lower Columbia College to embrace a new way of learning at Western Governors University, and she was not disappointed.

Vikki has mastered mentoring others with care, empathy, and straight-forward common sense.

During her education leadership roles, Vikki discovered her purpose- helping others fulfill their dreams along the journey of life.

Vikki's students at WGU (Western Governors University) make her role a joy as they inspire her to keep living her dreams. 

While being at WGU for over five years, Vikki has held roles in leadership and as a full-time faculty member within the College of IT.

Vikki brings all her skills and experience from her mentoring role, higher education leadership, presentations, course creation, workshop facilitation, & creativity towards her work as a podcast producer, author, and author mentor.

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