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Automatically be entered into each monthly giveaway!

Book Giveaways!

We will be featuring giveaways of signed copies of the works you hear on the podcast as a way of saying Thank You for listening to the podcast. To be eligible to win a giveaway prize, make sure you sign up for the SquishPen Newsletter. Here are the "rules:"

  1. You only have to sign up for the newsletter once. You will automatically be entered to win each giveaway.(We promise to never abuse your email information. We will only use it for the newsletter.)

  2. You can unsubscribe at any time. However, you will be removed from any future giveaways. (The good news is if you wish to return, you will be able to come back to this page and sign up again!!)

  3. We will attempt to do the minimum of monthly drawings (depending on how many books we have to give away.)

  4. We will give away one (or two) signed copies of books from the authors featured during the previous month on the podcast.

  5. We may provide additional freebies according to podcast milestones (examples: the first 100 downloads, the hitting a specific Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page milestone, reaching our patron support goals, or the podcast release anniversary!)

  6. We will announce the giveaway winners & the upcoming giveaways on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter (make sure you connect with us there to see if you won.)

  7. We will also announce the winner through the monthly newsletter.

  8. We will email the winner for mailing information to ship the book to them (free of charge!)

Why not join in on the fun? Go here to sign up!

Catch up on the featured author's interview to learn more about their work & see their show notes to find them on social media!