Vikki J. Carter's Archived Food Blog

Vikki started her first food blog a few years ago. She loved writing about restaurants and having her husband as her partner in crime as the photographer. 

She plans on revisiting this idea with a  dream of moving the blog to a YouTube channel featuring up-and-coming Chefs from the Northwest & developing a cookbook with her guests. 

Stay tuned; we will announce that project when it is ready for release- target date late summer 2019!


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It all started when...

Vikki J. Carter wanted to write, but she did not know how to start her writing journey. She and her husband loved to travel up and down the Interstate 5 between Seattle & Portland to share food experiences. The adventures in food seemed like an excellent idea for a jump into blogging and writing more often. 

Vikki J. Carter started a Wordpress blog with her husband taking photos. From those humble beginnings, Vikki J. Carter realized she loved to be in the creative moments. 

She no longer publishes on this blog. However, she has plans to revisit the food adventures with a Youtube Channel and cookbook featuring Northwest Chefs!  

To read some of her earlier work on this archieved blog, visit: